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Privacy Policy

Social Crawler is based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh and does not have any other subsidiary of any other name in any part of the country. The policy states “us”, “we” for social crawler in this policy. 

The website may ask for ‘personal’ and ‘non –personal’ information from its visitors but in no way makes it mandatory to submit this information. Personal information includes name, email address, phone number and other details. Social Crawler does not intend to the public this information to any third party or any social media under any circumstances. The information if shared will only be used for the work it has been collected for. 

Information may also be collected through cookies, non- personal information through comments, messages or surveys that may be available in the public domain.  We use cookies to assign a unique ID to any visitor. Cookies only save data after given permission by the user/visitor.  Browser address, IP etc. Are not deemed to be the personal information of any user. 

Information is used to enhance your experience of our website. Any information shared between the two parties is consensual, and the user can simply unsubscribe to stop the channel of communication.  

Social Crawler is committed to total confidentiality of the information and no breach of any information is taken lightly. We adhere to government protocols and norms for cybersecurity and Data Privacy.

We do not encourage the collection of personal beliefs, political views and request our visitors to follow the same when publicly posting any such information. We do not encourage underage visitors on our website. Parents supervision is recommended. Third-Party Links and/or third-party information available on the website should be carefully read and understood before divulging any personal information.

Social Crawler is not responsible for any data leak or sharing did without user consent by the third party. We tend to update our privacy policy from time to time adding or removing pointers that we understand need changes. 

For any suggestions, please contact us at

Phone no: +91 8687222220, 7652059389